Mizuki Electronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has been specializing in making audio and video related mechanical products and assembly products since our commencement of operations in 1988.

Utilizing our technology and experience, we aim to strengthen the parts manufacturing capability of each manufacturing department in order to fulfill mechanical assembly with those parts. Moreover, we also hope that our products will contribute to the growth of various manufacturing industries in Thailand. We continue to foster and receive better customer satisfaction and are a preferred parts supplier by staying true to our motto of highest quality for the most economical costs.
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ISO 9001     ISO 14001

Facts about Mizuki Electronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Establishment: October 1987
Capital: 400 Million Thai Baht
Total number or employees: 1,600 Local and 11 Japanese
Net Sales: 1,500 Million Thai Baht at end of 2004